…released 29 October 2020…

To celebrate 10 years of noise, RS9 – A DECADE OF IRONING BOARD ELECTRONICS 2010-2020

mixes esoteric and amphibious electronic experiments conducted by the ROGUE SPORE. This is a judicious

selection of album tracks, compilation cuts and unreleased goodies, curated and sequenced

by Daihatsu Nakamoto to run like a symbiotic album. This is a free download. GET IT HERE…


…also coming soon…

RS10 – Ultra-limited 10″ EP & download – details soon…



One complete live set of bubbly electronic goodness. Recorded, mixed

and masticated LIVE by the Rogue Spore in front of some humans at the

Bello Bar, Portobello, Dublin 8 on Saturday October 6th 2018.

Released October 23, 2018 DOWNLOAD FREE HERE




RS7- ESCAPE FROM ASAFOETIDA (2017 – CD & digital)

9-track album from July 2017 – Still available HERE…



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ABOUT: Rogue Spore self germinated early 2010 with a mission of sporadically infesting soundwaves.

Rogue Spore is an equal opportunities pathogen.

WARNING: May contain dream turbulence.

FILE UNDER: Amphibious electronics / head submerged in boiling pot of electronic squid / a tin of alphabetti thrown in the genetic code.